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The essential goals of the Safari Association

General activities of the Safari association

The association works to achieve its objectives in these fields through the following activities

Standards and controls

Establishing standards and controls for wild safari activities.

Development and modernization

Developing, updating and creating patterns of upgrading the activity administratively and technically.

Co-ordination with governmental authorities.

  Coordination with government agencies and public bodies to raise the level of wild safari tourism.

Rescue communication methods

Create rescue communication methods and information centers to interact with the intensity of the activity.

Marketing plans

Setting a plan for social marketing in the Red Sea as a global tourism source (participating in exhibitions

Training programs

Establish a training and qualification program for cadres to work in this field.

Collective charter of companies

Create a collective charter between companies as well as individuals within the scope of the association’s work to protect the desert environment.

Collective charter for workers

A collective charter creates a good insurance system to protect workers and beneficiaries from the dangers of the profession.

Provide aid

Provide in-kind and cash assistance in urgent cases

Red Sea Safari Association

The Red Sea Safari Association is affiliated with the Tourism Department at the Governorate General Bureau, so that the Tourism Department issues permits for the activity.


Safari tourism in Hurghada

Red Sea Safari Association

A meeting with Major General / Ibrahim Sobeih – Egypt nearby – directed by Nourhan El-Bely

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The Red Sea Safari Association includes / (110) companies operating in the field of safari tourism in all parts of the Red Sea Governorate (Hurghada + El Gouna + Safaga + El Quseir + Marsa Alam) (13) Badawi Amel camp.
Red Sea association for Safari
Red Sea Safari Association

Why was the Safari Association established in the Red Sea Governorate?

The safari activity started in the Red Sea Governorate since 1990 and it was a single safari with four-wheel drive jeeps and the activity was represented in the fifth arrangement of optional trips that the tourist accepts during his trip to Egypt.


  • Camp numbers
  • Hurghada 11
  • Safaga 5
  • Qoseir 6
  • Marsa Alam 18
  • Pocket companies
  • Hurghada 14
  • Motorcycle companies
  • Hurghada 39
  • El Gouna 2
  • Safaga 16
  • Qosir 5
  • Mars Alam 15

Total number of companies and camps within the association

Motorcycle companies
Pocket companies

Safari pro

Tourism movement statistics indicate that about a third of visitors to the Red Sea make desert safari trips, whether in Hurghada, Safaga or Marsa Alam, where the Red Sea desert has turned into a tourist attraction for adventure enthusiasts and safari enthusiasts and enjoy nature, and spend several hours between the mountains amid nomadic life.

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Camps light

As temperatures drop and the Red Sea climate becomes more temperate in the fall and winter seasons, desert safari tourism starts to flourish and attract tourists and Egyptians to enjoy the nature and Egyptian wildlife, including mountains, sand, hills and valleys, with all its details.

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External Ring Road - Safari Land - next to the Central Security Camp
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